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Coverage of my work and interviews:



Reuters. 7/25/2019. “U.S. Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree on the weather: Reuters/Ipsos”

NPR. 6/8/2019. “’We All Owe Al Gore An Apology’: More People See Climate Change In Record Flooding.”

The Atlantic. 6/7/2019. “Some Real News About Fake News”

The Skeptical Inquirer. May/June 2019. “Skepticism And The Persuasive Power Of Conversion Stories”

LSE European Politics & Policy. 5/17/2019. “What do Europeans know about the EU before they go to the polls?”

Christian Science Monitor. 4/16/2019. “Is America’s media divide destroying democracy?.”

Los Angeles Times. 3/19/2019. "Some real facts about fake news and its influence on U.S. elections”

Medium. 3/7/2019. “We can’t combat fake news if we don’t really understand it”

Psychology Today. 2/8/2019. "Antivaxxers and the Plague of Science Denial”

Columbia Journalism Review. 2/7/2019. "Researchers say fears about ‘fake news’ are exaggerated”

The Verge 2/6/2019. "Facebook’s global crackdown on information operations is getting more intense.”

Washington Post. 2/6/2019. “Happy hour roundup.”

El País. 2/3/2019. “Bienvenidos a la era de los extremos climáticos.”

El País. 1/30/2019. “Estados Unidos se hiela mientras Australia se quema.” 1/21/2019. “Kontroverse Themen: Gesinnungswechsel regen zum Nachdenken an”

Genetic Literacy Project. 1/18/2019. "'Conversion messages': Ex-GMO skeptics may be best advocates for crop biotech."



Huffington Post. 10/8/2018. “Americans hit by extreme weather want the media to cover climate change.”

Pacific Standard. 10/2/2018. “Extreme weather won’t convince climate skeptics.”

The Conversation. 8/31/2018. “Google News serves conservatives and liberals similar results, but favors mainstream media.”

Neiman Lab. 6/8/2018. “How can we restore trust in news?

The Verge. 3/22/2018. “If Facebook controls your mind, so do a lot of other tech companies.”

FiveThirtyEight. 3/9/2018. “Why do Americans hate the media?

Axios. 2/22/2018. “The science of conspiracies: Where Flat Earth meets Pizzagate.”

Reason. 2/14/2018. “When an echo chamber gets worked up about echo chambers.



New York Times. 10/20/2017. “How fiction becomes fact on social media.”

Wired. 10/6/2017. “That flag-burning NFL photo isn’t fake news. It’s a meme.”

Wired [UK]. 9/14/2017. “Journalists can help readers sift facts from false opinions.”

Los Angeles Times. 1/27/2017. “One man’s assault is another man’s meme



El País. 11/7/2016. “Los ‘memes’ mantienen vivos los carteles electorales.

Washington Post (Monkey Cage). 11/4/2016. “Twitter trolls are actually hurting democracy

Los Angeles Times. 10/20/2016. “From Clinton’s shimmy to Pepe the frog: Memes are the language of the 2016 election.”



American Press Institute. 6/23/2015. “Need to know.



National Affairs. 7/28/2014. “Drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Bookforum. 4/1/2014. “A genius awareness.”

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